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We understand that teachers of today face many challenges in the classroom. 
SRVS is here to help teachers overcome these obstacles.

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  Teachers love SRVS! 




Teacher FAQs


1.  Is the system difficult to use? 
SRVS was created with the novice user is mind.  It is easy to navigate and with little or no training any teacher can quickly acquire the confidence to use the system proficiently. 
2.  Do you offer training for Teachers? 
Absolutely!  We are here to help you.  We may provide onsite training or a live virtual class for a fee or are happy to assist you by phone or email support.  Again, this system was created to be extremely easy to use and navigate so we are sure with your own personal experimentation and just a little oversight you will easily and quickly adapt to our environment. 
3.  When can a student begin a class?
This is one of our unique features.  Students may begin the day they are registered with us.  There is no waiting for start dates, classes are available to begin 365 days a year.  
4.  Am I the teacher or is another teacher assigned to the student?
This is totally up to you and the school you work with.  We can assign our teachers or the school's teachers to the student. 
5.  How do I implement a virtual class with my students?
There are several ways-
(1)  For a student who is not able to follow the pace of class (because they work ahead or below speed) they can be sent to a quiet area with a computer to work independently on the subject they are assigned to. 
(2) For students who are absent they can easily keep up with the class without losing valuable time. 

(3) You can use the virtual class with an entire class of students allowing each to complete the course at his/her own speed.  This allows you to easily accept more students into each class.
(3).  You can use the virtual class with an entire class of students teaching the lessons to them (as you would any other lesson but with no preparation) and allow them to complete the assignments online in class or at home.  This offers a multimodal experience and increased flexibility.
6. What makes the system easier for a teacher to manage? 
(1) Many of the assignments in the system are auto graded so once the assignment is in, the teacher does not have to do a thing.  The system automatically grades it saving you lots of time and energy.  Teachers would be responsible to asses and grade teacher graded assignments.
(2) Everything is stored on our server.  You can access your student's data from any computer with internet.  No need to carry multiple books and items back and forth.  No need to do lots of printing.  It saves you time ....which we all know, teachers never have enough of.
7.  Do we use our classes/curriculum or yours? 
That is totally up to the purchaser.  You may use our classes (curriculum) as is.  You may input your own classes for your students.  You may even use our classes and tweak them as needed for your group.  Our system is very flexible. 
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