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Solid Rock Teachers are
dedicated, committed, experienced teachers who are happy to provide students with academic and emotional support. Teachers are available by email and phone, and live tutoring sessions may also be arranged. Students are also welcome to visit us in our physcial school location if they would like.
Solid Rock teachers help to prepare students for college, career, and life. Helping students obtain their high school diploma is a priority for us. Solid Rock teachers work with students while acknowledging their strengths, supporting their weaknesses, and promoting self motivation and confidence.

Sydney Tooman Betts
Sydney Tooman Betts currently resides in the south with her protagonist-inspiring husband and two teen-aged children. When not engaged in writing, she spends most of her time home schooling, mentoring, leading the women’s Bible study at her local church, or painting.

While single, Ms. Betts (B.S. Bible/Missiology, M.Ed) was involved in a variety of cross-cultural adventures in North and Central America. After marrying, she and her husband lived in Europe and the Middle East where he served in various mission-support capacities. Her teaching experiences span preschool to guest lecturing at the graduate level and she has been privileged to serve as Sunday School Superintendent, Children’s Church Director, or Women’s Ministries facilitator in several evangelical denominations.

Before penning her first novel, A RIVER TOO DEEP, she wrote several stories included in an adult literacy program.
Her latest novel is LIGHT BIRD'S SONG, and was released for SRVS Aug. 1st, 2008

Miriam Darnell
Miriam Darnell is a graduate of the University of Denver and has taught language arts to children of all ages for 23 years, specializing in gifted and learning disabled students. She is the founder of Druidawn Creations, Inc., and has hosted hundreds of young writers in her after-school clubs and summer camps every year since 1991. She has been instrumental in helping to develop the talents of the next generation of writers.


Jeff Easterling
Jeff resides in Tampa, FL with his beautiful new bride Kristen. Jeff taught science on all levels for 14 years at the largest science center in the southern United States, MOSI. Throughout this time he wrote and taught literally thousands of classes covering all levels, ages, and areas of science. He was an integral part of MOSI developing its outstanding and diverse Homeschool Science program, which is still going strong. During this time, he also taught at the Florida Aquarium for 7 years, and the Crystal Springs Wildlife Preserve for 3 years.

In addition to teaching, Jeff also currently co-owns a Motor sport Management company called P1 Groupe, and has been involved in the international motor sport industry in multiple capacities for the past 7 years.

Jeff was given a terrific start by his parents, Steve & Lisa Easterling, who began homeschooling him after the first grade, and continued on through high school, along with Jeff's 4 younger siblings. This experience has given Jeff an outstanding understanding of the needs of the homeschooling family, and uses fun references, real life language, and a heavy dose of humor to get across even some of the most difficult science concepts in an easy and entertaining way. Jeff certainly looks forward to working with each one of your students in many different classes for a long time to come!

Nicole Eckley
Nicole is on our hardworking curriculum input team. She enjoys the vibrant atmosphere at Solid Rock! Nicole feels her job is extremely "educational" and that she learns so much from the professor's lessons, which is great--because she loves to learn!

An artist at heart, she loves drawing and painting in her spare time. She is a creative spirit and lends that creativity to SRVS everyday!

Natalie Ericsson
Natalie is excited to be part of SRVS. She loves language arts, writing, and vocabulary. Natalie helped develop the SRVS English classes and looks forward to tutoring students in those classes who need extra help.
Natalie is also busy inputting curriculum daily so SRVS can offer a multitude of exciting classes.
Natalie's proficiency in the written English language has enabled her to be an editor of our site. She is excited to have such a diverse realm of responsibilities.


Michele Fasnacht
Mrs. Michele has a background in marketing and business and is the Director of our onsite school SRCS, an accredited Florida private school, that specializes in alternative education. Many of the classes and curriculum offered on this site have been tested in those actual classrooms.

She believes strongly in skill-based education and multimodal teaching- both of which are implemented in both schools with proven success.

She and her wonderful husband Eric have 4 great children. Mrs. Michele is thrilled to be part of this school and to see families have more choice and more opportunity in their homeschooling endeavors.

Adam Ginzinger

Brandy Johnson
Brandy is excited to be a part of SRVS. She attended the University of South Florida and is now continuing her education at St. Petersburg College where she is studying Secondary Education. Brandy has a passion for teaching and is excited to be a part of a school with such diverse curriculum. Brandy also works at the physical school location as a "jack of all trades". She is not only a dedicated teacher, but an outgoing receptionist, and an energetic cheerleading coach. The students just love her!


Cindy Jones
Cindy comes to Solid Rock with a Master's Degree in Educational Computing. She has been teaching students from kindergarten to high school level for more than 10 years.

Tired of the cold weather, Cindy and her family moved from Buffalo, New York in 2007, and now reside in New Port Richey, Florida.

In her free time, she enjoys scrapbooking/cardmaking, sudoku, computer games, reading, and playing tennis.

Kim Kannard

Mary LaRue
Mary comes to Solid Rock with a B.S. in Elementary Education from The University of Akron, Ohio. She is certified in grades K-6 and is also Reading Endorsed. Mary has assisted with our writing courses and is one of our esteemed tutors.

She is an abstract artist and
enjoys reading, writing and learning to speak German.

She lives in the Tampa Bay area with her teenage son and her rambunctious
kitty, Boscovorski.


Dana O'Connor
Mrs. Dana O'Connor has had an extensive medical career. As a Nationally Registered EMT she worked for an EMS agency in Hillsborough County and at All Children's Hospital. Mrs. Dana's career flourished as a Paramedic Firefighter. She was a certified Driver Engineer (qualified to operate both an ALS Fire Engine and a BLS Ladder Truck). Mrs. Dana was promoted to Fire Lieutenant and worked as an Acting District Fire Chief. In 2003 Dana was named Firefighter of the year. In 2004 she received her Florida State & National Fire Service Instructor certification. She retired from the Fire Service in October 2005 after suffering a debilitating injury in the line of duty. Mrs. Dana also worked as an International Flight Paramedic & as a Paramedic in the Emergency Room at Mease Countryside Hospital.

Mrs. Dana is married with 2 wonderful children. Since retiring from the Fire Service she has spent her time pursuing her passions; photography and teaching.

Mrs. Dana operates her own business, Emotions to Life Photography and teaches medical classes at our local sister school, Solid Rock Community School.

Marousa Placiotis
Marousa is excited to be a part of the vital industry of online education with the exciting philosophy of Solid Rock!

She holds a BA in Communications and Theatre and is an experienced home educator of 12 years and a private school teacher p/t. She is proficient in Writing and English subject matter with certificates in each. She is fluent in the Greek language and has had her Greek writings published. She has developed many of SRVS's courses and looks forward to meeting many students from around the country!

She is also the mother of four boys, a foster parent, and owner of a working farm, she comes to this school with a plethora of knowledge and versatility.

Her goal: "I hope to engage each child with exciting classes that they will remember for years to come!"

Lori Lynn Rogers
Lori Rogers has been living in Florida for 38 years. She enjoys spending time with her family, teaching and traveling. She is a caring dedicated teacher who the students respect and enjoy. This is Lori's 2nd year with us.


Anton Sheepers
Dr Scheepers is a practicing Oral and Maxillofacial surgeon.
He received formal training in:
•Basic Medical Sciences •Dentistry •Maxillofacial surgery
Rotations in the following medical specialties:
•General surgery •Plastic and reconstructive surgery •Ear, Nose and Throat surgery

Dr Scheepers is also the founder of the Apprentice Corporation, which has the primary goal of promoting medicine and healthcare careers among scholars and students.

SRVS is proud to be the exclusive virtual school to offer Dr. Anton's medical courses online to its students.

Shannon Stockdale
Shannon Stockdale is a professional writer, tutor, and creative arts mentor. With Miriam Darnell, she developed a writing e-book specifically aimed at young writers called Fantastic Fiction. She is a walking library of facts and information, as she reads ravenously and has studied the art of writing powerful fiction all her life. Shannon has worked with dozens of private students through the internet, and has co-taught advanced writing courses along side Miriam Darnell, her business partner, for six years.

Together, they have brought all of their vast experience into this new curriculum for Solid Rock Virtual School. This writing course, Fantastic Fiction, is by far the most comprehensive to date, including everything from forming initial ideas to revision and publishing. It's written with a personal flare that reaches out and brings students into the exciting world of fiction writing without intimidating or boring them. This course can be taken by a broad range of students from fifth grade through high school, and challenge them all equally to reach their highest potential as writers.

"There is a certain satisfaction in being a guide in the rough waters of writing. It not only gives me hope that the art of writing and the habit of reading are not dying; it also inspires me to write every day."

She has two beautiful children and resides in Michigan.

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