Student FAQs

1.  Who can take Solid Rock Virtual School classes? 
Any student who reads and understands English may take our virtual classes. We have homeschoolers, public school students, and private school students using our school.  We have students all around the world in our classes. 
2.  How do you take the classes? 
Classes are taken on any computer with internet.  The system is very user friendly and students have no problem navigating the system. 
 3.  How do I know what classes to take? 
Please see the course descriptions.  If still unsure, contact the school.  We will be happy to help you!
 4.  What if I need help? 
Our classes are designed for students to be able to work through them independently without daily oversight.  Every class has a real teacher overseeing it.  You may contact your teacher by email anytime you need assistance.  You may also schedule telephone calls with your teacher if needed.  You also have the option of live tutoring for an extra fee. 
 5.  Who are your teachers? Do they grade the students papers? 
We hire only qualified teachers.  All classes have a real teacher overseeing them.  The teachers grade papers, manage assignments, and communicate with parents and students. 
 6.  What cool features do you have that appeal to kids? 
SRVS uses video in many of our courses. The classes have a combination of multimodal assignments to keep the student interested.  We also allow every student to personalize their account with their own picture. 
7.   Do you offer any type of group activities I can get involved in?

Unlike other virtual schools we also have a brick and mortar building too.  Our virtual school (private school) students are welcome to take part in our activities, parties, ceremonies, workshops, sports, competitions and much more.  If you are local (although we have students travel far and wide for some of our events) we really encourage you to attend.  You can check our calendar to stay tuned of upcoming events. 

We also have virtual workshops throughout the year which are open to all students and taken online. 
8.  Can I earn my High School diploma online?  
Yes, absolutely.  We are a real school.  We have real accreditation.  When you earn your high school diploma through us it makes no mention that is was obtained online or in a non-traditional classroom.  Your diploma will carry the same weight as those graduating from our traditional brick and mortar school.  

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