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Partnering with Solid Rock Virtual School
e-learning solutions for your school


Although the traditional classroom is familiar and in many cases effective; we as administrators know that it is not a perfect fit for all students or circumstances.   Virtual schooling provides traditional classroom methods with cost effective technology driven advances to meet the needs of your unique student population.  The addition of virtual learning may seem a bit intimidating but the pros far out way any fears of change.

Our Virtual system provides many improvements, options, savings, and opportunities not available in a traditional school-

ü a turn key online program,
ü increased individualized learning for the student,
ü increased flexibility for the student,
ü increased opportunities for gifted, ESE, homebound,
ü an improved quality of teaching with more flexibility for the teacher,
ü savings on instruction per student costs for the school,
ü savings on text book/printing costs for the school,
ü quality curriculum with increased flexibility for the students,
ü cost effective pricing and money saving solutions for the school, and
ü fast and easy implementation to get you up and running right away. 


Become an affiliate with no upfront fees or expense, pay only as you use
or begin your own branded customized platform for your school or district. 


Schools, better utilize resources. Expand Enrollment.
GO GREEN.  Save on text books and copying expenses. 
Save on payroll and teacher expenses. 
Accept and provide for HomeBound, Special Needs, and Students on extended leave of absences. 

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