Known as Virtual Learning, E-learning, Distance Learning and Online Leaning the internet is the newest way to deliver interactive quality education to all types of students.

Parents love Solid Rock Virtual School for many reasons. 

(1) They may want more control or say over their child's education, the classes they take, the time they spend on academics, and what electives they will participate in. 

(2) Their child may need a more individualized program as some students struggle to stay on pace in a class while others need an accelerated speed. 

(3)  They may have special circumstances where a traditional classroom setting is not possible (extensive travel, health issues, etc.)

Regardless of your situation, Solid Rock Virtual School can assist each student in reaching their goals!



Parent FAQs


1.  Who can take Solid Rock Virtual classes? 
Any student who reads and understands English may take our virtual classes. We have homeschoolers, public school students, and private school students using our school.  We have students all around the world in our classes. 
2.  How do you take the classes? 
Classes are taken on any computer with internet.  The system is very user friendly and students have no problem navigating the system. 
 3.  How do I know which classes my child should take? 
If you as a parent are assigning the classes- please see the course descriptions.  If still unsure, contact the school.  We will be happy to help you!
If you are registered through a school, typically they will have their Academic Advisor assign the courses.  In all cases we are always here to assist you. 
 4.  What if the student needs help?  Can I contact the teacher? 
Our classes are designed for students to be able to work through them independently without daily oversight.  Every class has a real teacher overseeing it.  The student may contact the teacher by email anytime they need assistance.  They may also schedule telephone calls with the teacher if desired.  We also have the option of live tutoring for an extra fee available if needed.   
You are welcome to contact the teacher or administration anytime by email or phone.
 5.  Who are your teachers? Do they grade the student's papers? 
We hire only qualified teachers.  All classes have a real teacher overseeing them.  The teachers grade papers, manage assignments, and communicate with parents and students. 
6.  Will grades and credits earned at SRVS transfer to other institutions? Can a high school diploma be earned?
If you are not in our Private School option and only taking classes through us, we always suggest that you contact the school you are enrolled in to confirm.  All schools set their own policies and procedures regarding online courses.  However, since we are accredited there is typically no issue transferring grades.  
 7.  Why use SRVS? 
Students may use our classes for credit recovery, to meet scheduling conflicts, homebound, homeschooled, extra credit, review, extra help, and many other reasons.  The flexibility appeals to many situations.  And since you can start today, you never have to wait!
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