When do classes begin?  When can I start?

With Solid Rock Virtual School you can register and begin any day of the year you choose with 24/7 access to all courses, anywhere, anytime. No more waiting for the next semester like with most online schools! Once you register, choose your classes, and pay the class fees, your information will be submitted to the appropriate person for processing and a teacher will be assigned. This process may take up to 48 hours. Once a teacher is assigned, you will be able to begin your classes. It's that easy...and fast!

What grade levels does Solid Rock Virtual School offer?

We have classes appropriate for grades 1st through 12th.  Please read our course list to see which classes are appropriate for your needs.  We allow and encourage students to take courses that meet their ability and needs rather then the "grade level" they are in.  Our school realizes that "grade level" does not represent the students ability level. 

How does your system work?  What are the requirements?

Our system is very user friendly.  Courses can be accessed from any computer with internet.  Because most of our assignments are server stored your hard work is protected.  A few courses may require a specific free download, if it is required you will be provided with the free link information.  You can view more information under the system requirements tab. 

Is there a required pace or completion date?

Students learn at their own ability level, per subject.  All Solid Rock classes are fully adaptable for gifted and/or challenged students. We do not use mandated pace charts.  Each class has a maximum time allowed for completion which is typically the number of lessons times three.  This gives challenged students and those with busy schedules more then enough time to complete any class.  We realize the needs of students taking virtual classes and have built a program to meet their schedules and needs.  The goal is to master and retain what you learn, not beat the clock.  Gifted and/or motivated students can work at their pace and complete courses in a shorter duration of time.  This eliminates boredom and frustration and gives opportunities to earn additional credits or early graduation. 

What types of classes/courses does Solid Rock Virtual School offer? 

We offer unit studies, traditional subjects, electives and specialty courses for grades 1st-12th.  Please search our course list to see details on each class.  Courses are being added regularly so please check back often to view additions.  All courses are taught using a multimodal approach.  We use live teachers, streaming video and sound, written lessons, experiments and projects, and a variety of assignment types to engage each learner.  

What type of live tutoring do you offer?

We offer one-on-one tutoring scheduled at your convenience.  You pay as you go -- no long-term commitments or high monthly fees. We have experienced tutors proficient in every subject. Step into a virtual room with special features specifically for classroom use! 

Do you offer any type of payment plans or special discounts?

Solid Rock Virtual School offers monthly payment plans for your convenience. With Solid Rock Virtual School you pay for only the courses you want. There are no enrollment, membership, or joining fees.  We require no minimums to be part of our program.

We offer discounts for groups of 10 or more students within one family, group, or school.  The discount varies depending on the specifics needed.  Please contact us directly to receive this special information.  We will need to know your group or organization name, the number of students registering, and whether you are seeking the private school option.  Please send email requests to

How long does a student have to finish a class?

Solid Rock Virtual School classes are self paced, which means that the student has the flexibility to decide how quickly to complete the assignments. Each course states the number of lessons and the maximum time allowed for completion next to its description. Plenty of time is given for each course, as we have taken into consideration many scenarios that would delay a student's completion of any class.  Solid Rock Virtual School's main concern is the student mastering what they learn in a schedule that works for their situation. 

Does a child receive a final grade for each course they complete? Do you offer grade validation?

Yes!  The student will receive a final grade from us upon completion of each course. This serves as an independent evaluation of your student’s performance. Thus, your student’s transcript will contain grades from someone other than yourself. For some college admissions officers, that will be an important validation of your homeschooling.  We are happy to provide additional documentation on school letterhead, with a school stamp, if requested.  After course completion, each account will contain a printable final grade of the completed class. 

What is the attendance policy?

Our online school is flexible and allows learning to take place anytime-- day or night.  The students attendance is based on the number hours completed for each subject. Students are only issued final grades and credits after each course is completed.  Students in our Private School option will have additional attendance guidelines that the registering parent/school will follow. 

Can I take a vacation during the school year?

Since this program is self paced, you may take vacations as you desire.  Do note that it is best to have a set routine for each student, but the answer is YES.  Since credits will not be earned in any class until the class has been completed and a final grade earned your schedule is YOUR schedule.  SRVS was created to be flexible for any situation. We realize that no two situations are identical and created a program that can accommodate all schedules.   

Do you offer live instruction?

Yes!  We offer several opportunities for live instruction.
1.  Our prescheduled one on one live tutoring service for an additional nominal charge.  Scheduled by you, at your convenience. 
2.  Free- to low cost prearranged live workshops.  Check the calendar for details. 
3.  On site activities at our New Port Richey Florida location including workshops, classes, sports, tutoring, assessments, and more. Check the calendar for details.

Do you offer any placement services?

The course descriptions have been written to make it simple to choose what classes are best suited for each student. 

We do offer placement testing for some classes.  If it is required, you will be notified at the time of signup. Our placement tests are designed to accurately place students in the correct skill level class for them personally.  They are based on minimum skill level requirements and not on age or grade mandates. 

You may also request an assessment by email if desired and are always welcome to come to our physical location for a personal live assessment if you prefer. 

What type of teachers do you employ? What are their qualifications?

We employ only experienced qualified teachers.  Some specifically write curriculum or classes that we offer on our site.  Other teachers oversee a specific class and actually grade the students' work and offer tutoring or support.  All of our teachers have experience and passion in the course they are teaching or writing.  Many have specialized certificates and degrees, and all are highly qualified. The majority of our teachers also work at our physical location in Florida directing live traditional classes.  Please see our Teachers page for more information.

Are there instructors for every class?

In addition to the instruction they receive online from the computer, students can ask questions of instructors by e-mail, phone, or in ''virtual classroom'' sessions. This contact between students and instructors is an important part of the SRVS experience. To facilitate this type of interaction, the instructors keep detailed records on each student. This enables students to get rapid feedback on their work. 

Can non-homeschooled students take the courses?

Certainly! The program was designed to offer comprehensive classes with homeschooled and homebound students in mind, but students enrolled in public or private schools can benefit from the additional instruction we offer as well. The flexible schedule allows students from all situations to work on assignments after school, on the weekend, during summer break, or at any convenient time. We welcome participation from all students who are interested in excelling in their education.

My family receives a state scholarship for education for my child. Can Solid Rock Virtual School apply this to their tuition?

Solid Rock Virtual School must follow the specific laws that govern each state and each scholarship.  Many private schools and public schools may pay the class fees on behalf of your child- if they are registered in their school- check with them directly for details.  Virtual school participation is now required by many states so these laws and opportunities are ever changing. 

Will I have to purchase any textbooks or supplies?

Maybe. Solid Rock Virtual School does incorporate the use of books, curriculum, student packs, and other supplies into some classes. Whether they are required or optional, if they are needed it will be listed under the class description. Please read all information pertaining to the class of interest before purchasing, so you clearly know any requirements or expectations.  We do keep our items of need simple- so if needed, they may be purchased locally. 

You mention 'mastery of classes.' Can you give me more information about this?

At Solid Rock Virtual School, we believe that a student should master the subject s/he has taken before moving on to the next level.  In some cases, a student may complete a class but not master the material and be ready to move on.  For whatever reason, they need additional teaching, tutoring and/or course review. Solid Rock Virtual School will make that determination and notify the parents (or registrant) if this situation should apply to your child.  Our goal is mastery...not busy work!

Can I count Solid Rock Virtual School courses as a full credit? Do Solid Rock Virtual School classes qualify for credit?

Solid Rock Virtual School is an accredited private school. 
Homeschoolers:  It is important to check the local and state guidelines under homeschooling in your area, but in most cases decisions like this are up to parents. Our class descriptions state what would be typical regarding the specific course.
Our Private School:  If you are registered under our private school option, we will apply each class with the correct course code and for the accurate amount of credit. 
Other Schools:  Our credits have been accepted by schools throughout the nation both public and private.  As always, it is up to the receiving institution on what they will accept and from whom.  If you run into any difficulties let us know, we will be happy to communicate with the school on your behalf.  As of this date we have never had an institution deny our schools report cards/transcripts. 

Does Solid Rock Virtual School offer diplomas, credits, and transcripts?

Solid Rock Virtual School offers final grades for each completed class taken by any student. If you are interested in report cards, credits, transcripts, and/or a diploma, please read our Credit and Transcripts page.  For an additional fee we will be happy to apply class grades on your final transcripts, along with grades earned through other verifiable means. That would include other schools, programs, and homeschool classes taught by a parent. You can purchase this service directly through us on the check-out page.  Our school Academic Advisor will contact you if additional information is needed and is available by email anytime you have questions.

Are you accredited?

Solid Rock Virtual School is accredited by the National Association of Private Schools (NAPS), the National Private School Accreditation Alliance (NPSAA), and the International Association of Distance Learning (IADL).  We are currently in progress of accreditation with the Florida Coalition of Christian Private Schools (FCCPS), which should be completed in 03/10. 

We are members of the Florida Coalition of Christian Schools (FCCPS), the Florida High School Athletic Association (FHSAA), the Fellowship of Christian Sports and Activities (FCSA) and the Pasco County Chamber of Commerce. 

What is accreditation?  Accreditation is the voluntary process of being a certified as meeting minimum requirements designated by an accrediting agency.  Accreditation is both a status and a process. As a status, accreditation provides public notification that an institution or program meets standards of quality set forth by an accrediting agency. As a process, accreditation reflects the fact that in achieving recognition by the accrediting agency, the institution or program is committed to self-study and external review by one's peers in seeking not only to meet standards but to continuously seek ways in which to enhance the quality of education and training provided.

Our diplomas and transcripts have been accepted throughout high schools and colleges through out the United States.  However like any credit transfer it is always up to the receiving organization as to what they will accept.  If in doubt, we suggest to ask in advance.  We are happy to provide any documentation necessary. 

Is Solid Rock Virtual School a religious school? Are there any religious requirements?

Solid Rock Virtual School is available to students of all faiths and backgrounds.  The school operates by principles of the Christian faith including honesty, integrity, and kindness. Classes with any emphasis on religion or worldly topics specifically say so in the course description. 


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