This school has a variety of classes I've not seen elsewhere. As an educator, that is the most exciting feature! As a parent, I like the flexibility of the time table. If we go away or can't complete a lesson that week or even two, no teacher will be hounding us to hurry up or finish. That to me is priceless!

- Tania Beck

When my parents signed me up for Solid Rock's online classes, I thought that taking online classes would feel really weird, after having been enrolled in private school last year. It also felt rather nerdy and unsocial, and as I thought about it, all different pictures of what it would be like came to my mind. When I finally started the classes, it was a lot different than  had expected. For one thing, it was a lot more interactive, especially with science, than I thought it would be, and I like the writing prompts that begin English/Writing lessons. The teachers also have good and constructive comments regarding assignments. But my favorite part about taking classes online is that I can move ahead whenever I want, unlike private or public school. I think that's great and I can finish school so much faster and earlier than others my own age. Thank you Rock Solid! And a thank-you to all of my teachers as well. 

- Madison I.

I love being able to watch my zany professor do the experiments! I feel like I''m part of it. I can click on the video and watch it again if i need to.  My little brother laughs a lot and I end up rewinding to hear the important stuff. My other online classes were boring, but these classes here are very, very, cool!  I learn more when the classes aren''t boring.

- Maya Donatello

Dear Administrator,

Thank you very much for putting up with my problem reports. I am very happy with the student support your incorporation provides for all students who participate in the online school. I think this is the best online homeschooling program, and I am very glad that I picked this school for my schooling. Your staff is very awesome (especially Mr. Jeff). I hope that this homeschooling program can keep going for all students who do homeschooling.


- Zachary, Student

I like being able to work at my own pace. I took a writing course elsewhere last year, and when my family moved I found myself falling behind the scheduled limits for turning in my papers. It was a nightmare. With SRVS, when I was ill, it was okay. I didn't fall behind because it is self-paced and I just picked up where I left off! How cool is that?

- Amanda Smith
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