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We are a fully accredited Private School registered with the Florida State Board of Education.  Offering both an online virtual school and a brick and mortar traditional school, we provide families with all benefits and advantages of a professional private school.  

An umbrella school is a Private School which has an option available for homeschooled students who do not attend any or all classes on site at the school's facility.  Unlike traditional schools, we are able to accept credit for classes taken by any verifiable source on the student's report card and transcript.  That includes other schools, programs and homeschool classes overseen by a parent.

Our school is fully accredited by the Florida Coalition of Christian Private Schools Association, National Association of Private Schools, and the International Association of Distance Learning.  We offer accredited diplomas and transcripts.  

Reasons to register in our Umbrella Program:

  • gives legal legitimacy to a family's homeschooling program
  • provides yearly report cards
  • provides annual high school transcripts
  • provides state approved permanent record keeping and reporting
  • offers curriculum consultations and guidance
  • provides Academic Advisory services and academic planning
  • offers standardized testing
  • referral letters for dual enrollment, scholarships, internships, and community service
  • provides enrollment verifications
  • access to school events and programs

When you complete all needed requirements, you will receive a real accredited high school diploma and high school transcript. Your diploma is a symbol of your achievement and your ticket to success, proving that you have graduated from an accredited school. A diploma from an accredited school is important to have when a student starts the college application process.  It also gives students the credentials they need to compete in today's job market. 

To enroll in the Private School option, please press the "Purchase Private School" button below. 

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