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Solid Rock Virtual School is a real brick and mortar school that employs real teachers who provide real virtual classes. Our virtual classes use real curriculum to provide real learning. Students work at their own individual pace earning real credits and a real accredited diploma. The students are part of a real school and a real community. Solid Rock Virtual School offers real flexibility and real affordability and allows you to really register and start classes today.
Real Affordability

Solid Rock is a not-for-profit private school. Our online option allows you to pay for individual classes or enroll in our full-time learning program. Convenient monthly payment plans are available. Our virtual school allows you to receive a private education at an affordable cost. Discounts for groups and schools are offered.

Real Flexibility

Virtual classes begin every day. Users have 24/7 access to all courses. Choose individual classes or a full-time learning program. Work from home, a school computer lab or anywhere with internet. Students learn at their own pace without mandated pace charts.

Real Individualized Education

Course schedules and classes are fully customized and adaptable for gifted and/or learning challenged students. Courses have been written by educators, curriculum writers and published authors to ensure student progress, mastery, and success.

Real School

Solid Rock is an accredited K-12 school offering a physical school and a virtual learning option. We are fully staffed Mon-Fri 8am-4pm EST. Every student is assigned a real teacher to oversee their learning. Virtual students earn the same report cards, transcripts, and diploma as our onsite students. All of our on-site student services are offered to our virtual community as well.


Choose a full-time learning program to complete all of your schooling through Solid Rock or take individual courses to compliment your homeschool schedule. Solid Rock Virtual School takes the guess work, paperwork, and planning off of the parent's shoulders and offers the utmost in flexibility for homeschool families.


Solid Rock Virtual School offers public and private school students the opportunity to take classes for grade completion, credit recovery, extra review, summer school, or to meet graduation requirements. Solid Rock helps students reach their academic goals outside the typical classroom.


Strengthen student education plans for homebound, disabled, learning different, or gifted students. Offer blended classes and virtual classes to reduce expenses and lower class sizes. Simply offer credit recovery or summer school. Let us help you meet the demanding needs of educating your students!

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